Blog Tour: Wings(Black City #3) By Elizabeth Richards *Guest Post + Giveaway*

Wings PH Blog Tour is hosted by Kate @ Bookaholic Blurbs

HUUUZZAAHHH!! Awesome, right? Until now I'm still in love with this one. WINGS. WINGS. WINGS. This image was edited by Nicole @ TheTwinsRead. She was really great at doing this and I'm loving the strokes of the wings. *throws confetti*

Anyway, today is my tour stop to bring you the guest post from Wings. Here's the thing, on the entire Blog Tour we will post Reviews and Guest Post for Wings. It's the final book of Black City by Elizabeth Richards. I seriously loved the end but a bit sad because yeah, I can't read too much of Ash and Natalie. *grabs tissue*

I'll feature the character or Kieran. We are able to be inside the book and interfere their motives to take down Purian Rose so we can interview him.So far these are the questions that we asked to him. He was busy doing stuff when we met him inside the book. But hey, he really liked participating on this stuff.  HAHHAA!!

WINGS character profile – Kieran Bane

Name: Kieran Bane
Age: 15
Species: Lupine


1. Favorite color: Pine green

2. Favorite food: Fresh venison! Tastes best straight after the kill.

3. Favorite season: Spring, when all the bluebells come out in the forest, mainly because Luci likes to dance around in them when she thinks I’m not looking.  

4Favorite person: Lucinda. She’s my best mate and pretty easy on the eyes too!

5. Cats or dogs? Cats! Yeah, I know, I’m a Lupine who likes cats. But they’re all fluffy and cute and…okay, I’m gonnastop talking now. I can hear Luci giggling.

6. Forest or city? City. I love the crowds and the noise and all the different smells. It gets my heart thumping.

7. What is your biggest fear? Being separated from my pack.

8What’s your party trick: I can eat a steak pie in less than a minute. That’s not so much a party trick though, more ‘lunch at the Bane household’.  

9. Tell us a secret: accidentally got caught in one of my own deer snares a few years ago. I was up there all night and they had to send out a search-party after me. My cousin, Ulrika, found me and cut me down. It was so humiliating.

10. Who would play you in a movie? I’m way better looking than those Hollywood guys—hey, stop laughing Luci! Okay, okay, at a push I’d say Dylan O’Brien.

DYLAN O'BRIEN!!! *hot and lovely*

Now that the series ended, I would really like to give thanks to Elizabeth Richards and Kate for being part of the Black City Tour. It was so fun reading and seeing a new city that she created. The concept is so unique and the ending is so unexpected. Be sure to check all of her books and get hooked with it. (I AM PRETTY SURE YOU WILL.)

I'll end this post with a Giveaway! YOU GET A CHANCE TO WIN HER BOOKS! TRIPLE AWESOME! 

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  1. I am so bloody excited for Wings!!!!! I absolutely love this series :D

    1. you'll love the twist and turn before you reach the ending. hihihi

  2. I don't have a favorite character because I haven't read the books yet but I very much want to!

  3. I haven't actually read the series yet, so I don't have a favorite character. I would really like to read the books though; they sound great. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. I have read the series and I can't wait for the finalle! Favorite character? Ash!

  5. I'm currently waiting to receive the first book...but I am almost positive that I am going to love it so I thought it would be nice to enter giveaway for the third! :)

    From you character profile of Kieran, I have a feeling he may be a favorite!

  6. I havent read the books yet so i dont have a favorite character. Ive been meaning to read them for a while so i'm going to try to get at least the first one soon.
    Thanks for the giveaway!!!