Books that made me feel, "All this time, where have you been?"

First off, there are numerous books that are released every month or almost every day and it feels like heaven every time I saw a post about it. New books is equal to new adventures and book boyfriends on our list. (for girls like me) But throughout my reading habits of picking random books that catches my attention, there are some books that totally made me feel like it was meant to be read by everyone. Sometimes you read a book and then when you finished it, you wanted to knock on everyone's door and force them to read it.

This is basically what I am aiming for.

 Insignia by SJ Kincaid.

Seriously? You haven't read this book?!? OH COME ON! Don't tell me you are not fascinated with the idea of drones, World War and simulation scheme. I am telling you, YOU SHOULD READ THIS INFINITELY WONDERFUL BOOK! You'll be amazed how NEURAL-PROCESSOR works.

 My Name is Memory by Ann Brashares

Reincarnation, dude. Reincarnation. Wake up. This is Ann Brashares I am talking about! This is not your simple guy-saves-girl theme. It is enticing how the novel moves me from different time and person. Most importantly, it has the point of view of the guy. Ladies, your reading his mind.

 Orange Girl by Jostein Gaardner

You really want to cry other than reading The Fault in Our Stars? The book may be thin but the content is overflowing with too much emotions and I was drowned with my own tears the whole time! Because you are reading the diary of a Father who shares his story of meeting the Orange Girl. Which is his wife. Behold the tears!

The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter

You hate Hades on the movie Hercules? Aimee Carter made him to be one of the most handsome guy that I've been dreaming of. Given a chance, I am willing to stay with him in Tartarus. The author gave a gigantic boom of Greek Mythology. Seriously Persephone, thank you for leaving Hades. Because the readers get to be with him instead. *evil laugh*

Room by Emma Donoghue

You'll feel safe yet trapped. Seriously trapped. This book made me realize how an infinite love of a mother can take you so far. Their love is limitless and unconditional. Room was told in a perspective
of a child. A child who feels safe in ROOM. Read this and you'll feel trapped then please finish it so you can ESCAPE in ROOM.

Me and Mr. Darcy by Alexandra Potter

When it comes to chick lit., oh hail the mighty Alexandra Potter. She is sooo gooodd!! The way she writes, whether its a first person or third person, you can see the raging emotions of every ladies.
She can portray how a lady is hungry and craving for love in a sophisticated manner. *whips hair* To add more than this, every book that includes Mr. Darcy is considered as lovely. Period.

The Kite Runner

Khaled Hosseini is one of the most wonderful author that I ever know to create a heart-breaking novel about a man who sees and believes in doing good in unexpected ways. I cried a lot on this novel. I cried myself to sleep when I was reading it, because of the remarkable pain that stab through pain. For me, this is the perfect novel of all time.

Is there any books that made you feel like this too? I'd be glad if you can recommend some to me. :D