Title : Angelology

Author : Danielle Trussoni

Pages : 464 pages

Publisher: Viking Adult; (March 9, 2010)

Rating : 5 Stars!!

                  This is the second book that I have read about Angels. Halo by Alexandra Adornetto was the first one. I can say that Danielle Trussoni  is totally a great author, well every author is. But the way Danielle Trussoni writes is so magical and full-of-action kind of things.

Angelology tells mainly about the Nephilim's. Half-human and Half-angel. They are one of the most exceptional creation of humankind and celestial kinds.When Sister Evangeline received a letter regarding Abigail Rockfeller that tells about the information of St. Rose Convent, it was the start of her angelic adventure together with Verlaine and the other member of the past Angelic Expedition.

The Grigori's are one the greatest clan of the fallen angels and Nephilim's that ever had. They search for the lyre that shows great heavenly powers that can give every Nephilim's an exceptional power that will lead to their domination of humankind. Percival Grogori, a Nephilim that spent many years on searching and acquiring the lyre that always leads to failure. Together with the other groups of Nephilim's they are willing to do anything what they wanted even if it cost a life.

Sister Evangeline and Verlaine tries to solve all the mysteries starting the Angelic Expedition of Venerable Father Clematis until the present that threatens their lives by the Nephilim's. In this heavenly-action packed story, readers will definitely see that there is more other than Da Vinci Code.

By this story, readers will definitely know that there are some things that are not perfectly good. Even angels can do evil things. It doesn't look good but it was the story tells about. And I can say that this story is definitely good. It will show every readers about the creation of God on the angels and humans, how angels fallen in love with humans that results to the birth of Nephilims.