For One More Day

Title : For One More Day

Author : Mitch Albom

Publisher: Hyperion (September 26, 2006)

Pages : 208 pages

Rating : 5 Stars!!

              From the author that brought us Tuesdays with Morrie, Five People You Meet in Heaven and many touching stories, comes a book that tells us about the great unconditional love of a mother to her son. I know many people already read this book, but let me just tells you that for me this is the second book that i had read by Mitch Albom. I have read all of his four books, and I can say proudly that all of his works definitely makes every reader realize specific things. And on this book, about Mother's love.

Its about Chick, a former baseball player who tried to kill himself because of all the failures in his life. His father don't care about them. His mother died and he blamed himself of it. His daughter haven't invited him on her wedding day. He have a problem with his wife. All of his life, Chick thinks that all of it was his fault. That's why he decided to end it.

On the moment he wakes up, he saw her mother. Whom he thought already died. But after that Chick seemed to realized that all of it were true. He had her mother back,with him. From there his mother, Pauline give him different lessons in life.

It is truly a touching novel. I even cried after I finished this story. It is really sensible. I realized how every Mother would do anything for their children. Forgiveness. Acceptance. Love. Hatred. It was all in this book. Part of it that i loved was that Pauline said that "Sometimes children think of themselves as a burden, instead of a wish granted". The time that I've read it, I already know that every Mother is already proud of their children the day they were born. I've read this story many times and it still never fails to amaze me how Mitch Albom created a wonderful story like this.



  1. I've read this book and enjoy every book Albom writes. Good review! Rae

  2. yeah..same here..i love the way he writes...tnx for reading my review..i appreciated it..