The Timekeeper

Title : The Timekeeper
Author : Mitch Albom

"How much do you value your time?"
That's what I think when I saw the cover of the book. Time. Yes, it's really inevitable. No one can make it stop. No one can make it fast or slow. It's really a good novel to start. He (Mitch Albom) wrote another wonderful novel that shows the importance of time.

He narrates the lives of three people in which they have different perceptions of time. I realized that among these three people, the author somehow shows us what we are.

First, the Father Time. He seeks the knowledge on knowing and controlling time. Some people wanted that, To control time.

Second, Sarah Lemon. She wanted time to stop. Wanting it to end. Some people wishes to end their time when they're facing difficulties and humiliations. They think that ending it would suffice.

Third, Victor Delamonte. He wanted to live a lifetime. Seeks for immortality. Some people feel that when they have all the dreams and luxuries in the world, they seek on having it forever. For their time to be infinite.

I feel that every reader will know who they are within those characters. Mitch Albom clearly shows every feelings what we have in our perception of time. The limit of time.

I totally loved it!