Vortex ARC Giveaway by SJ Kincaid


SJ Kincaid is giving away ARC of Vortex, a sequel of Insignia. To those of you who do not know it ye,. If you wanted to read a point of view of a young boy who struggles in his life and suddenly changes into a whole new lot of twist, you should start reading this book NOW!

Here's the link. : Goodreads

So here's the real thing, SJ Kincaid give us a chance to read the second book which is Vortex. Look at that very eye-dropping cover. It makes me wanted to grab it immediately. I feel that the second book can give us more chill and thrill upon the adventures of the characters.
Without further ado, here's the link so you can have a chance to win an ARC.

Vortex (Insignia, #2)