Tahereh Mafi visits Philippines

March 2 was the MOST AWESOME day of my life. By the way, if you are questioning me on posting this very late, I can assure you that I've been in a rough days this month and I beg your pardon that. HAHA! Well before that day happened me and my co-book bloggers were very hyped on knowing that we are invited for an exclusive book blogger forum with Tahereh Mafi. The event was hosted by National Book Store, I totally admire the people behind this once-in-a-lifetime events. They surely know when to make us very delighted by being up close with the authors. It was worth it!

-i apologize with the uppercase thingy-
I was invited on the blogger forum by Dianne @ Oops I read a Book again If not for her, I wouldn't be on that event. When I realized that she can also invite another blogger or friend, I never hesitate on asking or should I say convincing her to invite me on the event. Thank you Dianne, Oh dear, bless your soul for bringing me up close to Tahereh Mafi. HAHAAHAHAHA!!

Many my my co-bloggers asked a very deep and hilarious questions about her. It's very memorable to think that their minds and perceptions with her novels comes in very unique ways upon them. Well it also includes me, I was the last to ask a question for her. By the way, I was late at that time. >.<
My question was about The Reestablishment and The Omega Point. Precisely about how the two of the places beyond the world of Juliette, the one that is very exposed and the other that is isolated. I found both of them very competitive in some ways actually. So I asked her if any of them represents within her life. After Tahereh Mafi heard my question she suddenly said that it was a very deep question like a psychologist asked her about her life, she honestly don't know and she laughed like she doesn't realize that those things kind of represents within her life for now. But she answered that those were just a back settings for Juliette. I totally loved the way she expresses her feelings about her books and showing it upon us.

After that they've told that Tahereh Mafi can sign our books already and when I heard that, I was FREAKING INSIDE AND OUT. I can't scream in front of them, but at that time that is the only thing I wanted to do. All of us were very delighted when she signed our books. When it was my turn, I asked her if she could write any words or quotes about Warner for me. I told her that I am Team Warner and she smiled. (OMG. She smiled at me! O.O) I was expecting a quote from the book then she suddenly wrote this :
 Finally, another memorable event of my life is when I had time with my co-bloggers/ friends. These are the faces that lights up my bookish world.

(From left to right:  Kate @ The Bookaholic Blurbs , Dani @ Bookwhales , Lyra @ Defiantly Deviant , Precious @ Fragments of Life

There are also other bloggers that I met again, and I just wished that I have all of their faces on my iPod touch, but hence it wasn't. Nevertheless, the memories that I shared with them will always replay on my mind. The way they are so hilariously happy is the only thing that makes me smile instantly.

Final thing, I swear this is the final thing! At the middle of the events, Ransom Riggs was also there! I wanted to jump and scream again and again. He welcomed us with warm smile an it was very great to hear more about him.
Both of them are very funny. They answered questions with a very profound manner of jokes. I admire how the two of them travel around to visit different readers across the world. Some of them questioned a lot about the second book and Ransom Riggs answered that next year is the expected publication of it. Most of them squealed when he steps up onstage. He is enormously tall and handsome indeed. Everyone of us were very delighted to meet two authors at the same day. I will always treasure those day. :)

 - L