The Kite Runner

Title : The Kite Runner
Author : Khaled Hosseini
Rating : 5 Stars
Paperback, 325 pages
Published 2004 by Bloomsbury (first published 2003)
ISBN : 0747566534 (ISBN13: 9780747566533)

The Kite Runner of Khaled Hosseini's deeply moving fiction debut is an illiterate Afghan boy with an uncanny instinct for predicting exactly where a downed kite will land. Growing up in the city of Kabul in the early 1970s, Hassan was narrator Amir's closest friend even though the loyal 11-year-old with "a face like a Chinese doll" was the son of Amir's father's servant and a member of Afghanistan's despised Hazara minority. But in 1975, on the day of Kabul's annual kite-fighting tournament, something unspeakable happened between the two boys.

Source : Goodreads 

Narrated from the point of view of Amir, a Pashtun, belonging into one of the Elite families in Afghanistan, the story starts from his timeless yet painful friendship with Hassan. Hassan belongs into the family of servants, a Hazara. As a young boy, Amir always longing for the unconditional love and remarkable recognition to his Baba. He dreams that someday he'll be strong and responsible just like his father. It was totally hard for Amir since at first he's not a brave young boy that can withstand any fight. But then Hassan is always there for him. To support and give him strength at all times. Hassan is the fierce and loyal servant for Amir, Hosseini wrote an extraordinary bond between the two of them. Then an unexpected event of their lives happened at the exact moment of their happiness, the annual kite-flying tournament. Hassan and his father, Ali leaves them for good and to find another shelter which leaves on a devastated moment of Baba. Then comes when then Russians invade them leaving Amir and Baba with no choice but to move in America.

This is such a magnificent and timeless novel at the core. Hassan and Amir
It suddenly weakens and strengthens my heart at the same time. It reminds me how I am blessed to have all the things that I need. But then I realize that there is a part that lacks my heart. A part wherein I emphatize people. Reading his novel uplifts me beyond what I felt everytime that I read. This book made me profoundly and explicably emotional in all ways.

Hassan and Amir, I'll never forget these characters. I'll treasure their friendship through all of my life. The characters he had made attached me in different virtues. All of them truly made a mark in my heart - filling what lacks in mine. All of them are alive inside me. It aches me everytime they face dilemmas in life. It makes me happy with times that they enjoy and cherish moments of their friendship.

As I was reading the first chapter of the book, I already imagined Kabul as a truly magnificent and beautiful setting to form a childhood memory. Everything are organized and at peace according to what they believed in.

I admire Hassan's never ending loyalty and love to Amir. To be honest, it's the first time that i felt attached to a character. For that, I am proud to write on this review that Hassan is one of the characters that I feel attached. He showed deep compassion towards life and friendship and I feel every bit of his actions to show all of it. I felt his agonizing pain on knowing that he'll be separated with Amir.

Amir on the other hand, as the narrator of the story, I also felt his sadness and pain. All he wanted is to be loved and recognized with his father. Isn't that all child wanted to feel the moment they realize life? Furthermore, he was created as a fragile kid at first. As the story went on and on, I suddenly felt his bravery and courage to fight off the tragedies of life and to move in and continue at the same time.

The truth is I never cried so much in every books that I read, but The Kite Runner changed my perspective in life, love, friendship, nation and religion. He create a story that'll definitely move every reader at the core. It can crash stone hearts absolutely. A powerful and heart-bending novel that I'll never get tired to read over and over. I suddenly met my one of my all time favorite novels. It brings somersault in my heart - every bit of my entire being.

This novel is timeless. The storyline can bring reality to our lives and our hearts. Hosseini's creation of every characters are splendid and magnificent. It brings reality into your eyes, the begotten fate of every people, bravery and courage were formed with unique words, and especially a friendship and brotherhood that you'll never forget.