Booklover's Sadness

Tahereh Mafi once visited our country, Philippines and signed our copies. I was glad that my blogger friend include me on the blogger forum. It was one of the best moments of my life. She was so funny she was engaged to answer our silly questions about Shatter Me and Unravel Me. Then after that she signed our books. Here is my signed copy of Unravel Me.


I can't take her enough for being such a wonderful author in creating a wonderful book like this. I was supremely happy at that time. Then I share it to my officemate which also become slightly a booklover like me. I always wanted to share my books, I wanted to share my love for it. She finished Shatter Me then I proceed on lending her my copy of Unravel Me. (Okay I'm crying right now.)  But then there was a very unfortunate event that happened to her on Monday morning, her bag was snatched and my signed copy was also in there. (I CAN'T STOP CRYING!)

So now my signed copy is already gone. It felt like a part of my organ was taken away. I know that this is a bit too exaggerated but that's how I exactly feel. I ultimately loved Tahereh Mafi's book, not just because of the love triangle of Juliette, Adam and Warner and also the controversial Chapter 62. It's more than that. The way Juliette sees the world, I feel that my eyes are also opened from the way she sees it. Now I feel completely lost.

Almost all of my books are very important to me, they are part of me. This is a kind of sadness that I don't know how to vanish let alone erase it. I even wished that I should never knew this book so I would never feel completely lost and sad, but I can't go back to the time and tell to my old self to stop wanting this book because afterwards it will be lost in no time. Hence, I don't even have the courage to command that to my old self if time-travel would happen. Because the moment that I bought her books, I know that my world will widen. But now that it's lost, my world suddenly shrunk. 

She was sorry that the books was lost and I know that it wasn't intended but I just can't bring myself to smile and say, "It's ok, I'll just buy a new copy." I cannot do that. I can't fool myself on telling that everything was ok, that it will come back to me. But I fervently hope that the book will find it's owner. So if you might seen my signed copy, please, I'm begging you to just bring it back to me. Bring my world back to me.