Inside Their Literary Thoughts: Featured Author is...:)))

So I've been thinking on making my own featured blog theme in which every booklovers/booknerds can show or expose the things they wanted to reveal and share to others. And for some fortunate instances, I've come up with this theme. I called it "Inside Their Literary Thoughts", I wasn't thinking of anything in particular when I was making this theme because the only thing that enters my mind is showing to other readers what are the other things which are unexpected to read about the thoughts of their favorite authors.

My first featured author on my newly created blog theme is none other than..*drumroll*

 S.J. Kincaid

Believe me I wasn't expecting it to be like this awesome so yeah, my wackiness has already begun. I totally loved her book Insignia. Check my 6 Star review here. I wanted to express my love for anyone who hasn't read it or has a plan but never yet done on starting it. I was given a big chance to have an interview with her.
Never seen that coming, right?

Here are my interview questions and her enthusiastic answers. *flails*

1. World War is one of the phenomenal events in our history, what makes you so interested on writing about it?

I was really interested in the idea of a war fought entirely with unmanned drones remotely controlled. The only nations equipped to really wage a war in this manner would have to be the most wealthy and powerful, and if those nations were in an outright war, it would by necessity be a world war. So, the World War III angle just ended up in there by extension. I think it's always a fascinating idea, because right now we're in a relatively unipolar world power structure, but that's changing rapidly. There's no way to know how conflicts will be resolved once power shifts to the east.

2. What triggers you on writing the concept of neural-processors? Was there any books you've read about it?
I was working in a mental institution with severely schizophrenic patients when I began writing the Pentagonal Spire sections of INSIGNIA, and that's really where the ideas around brain computers came to mind. If someone was controlling a drone remotely, they'd have to be machine fast in order to keep up with combat, so it simply made sense to me that they'd have computers in their brains.

3. Some female authors write with the POV of teenage girls, how does it feel writing a POV of a teenage boy?

I wrote five manuscripts that didn't get published from the POVs of girls, so I'd say by the time I wrote about Tom, it was refreshing to try something different. It was nice writing from Tom's POV because I never had to write about the dreamy eyes of some male love interest or the way his hair flops perfectly over his forehead... That was a great thing to avoid.

4. The Pentagonal Spire is so perfect and highly-equipped for the plebes and officials, is it exactly the place you wanted on having a future headquarter for the World War?

I hope the future of the world looks absolutely nothing like INSIGNIA! Except for perhaps the space exploration part. I do hope we get more ambitious with regards to delving out into our own solar system.

5. Your characters; Tom, Vik, Wyatt, Yuri and others were unique in their insights of World War, what does it feel writing those thoughts in every characters?

Their views are really shaped by their personalities and perspectives, so I guess it's a fun part of being a writer. Imagining a character means imagining all the opinions of the character, and sometimes surprising things pop up unexpectedly.

Thanks for the interview, Leslie!

 I'm still overwhelmed by this. XD

Insignia (Insignia, #1)
I require you to read this book today! It's action packed, you'll love it in every single way!

Vortex (Insignia, #2)
The sequel Vortex just released this July. I already bought my copy right ahead you know! I just totally wanted to know more about Tom and his friends.

Allies (Insignia #1.5)
A prequel e-novella of Insignia in which it reveals another POV of another intelligent and talented plebe of Pentagonal Spire.

Thanks a lot for dropping by on my blog, I'll do my best on posting more on this blog theme. This is me after I finished this blogpost.
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  1. Great interview! Enjoyed it a lot. :) Learned a lot of interesting things that I never knew about S.J. Kincaid! :D

    Daphne @ Reading Until Dawn