Kiera Cass visits Philippines

In which I will keep on fangirl-ing on these entire blogpost. Please bear with me. I'm still starstrucked with her, because she's so WONDERFUL!!! One of our local bookstores which are National Book Store together with PowerBooks Store made a virtual mayhem that made all of Team Maxon, Team Aspen and Team America to cracked out of joy.

 They announced that Kiera Cass will visit here for a two-day event. One is at Manila and another one is at Cebu. I'm very fortunate to reside in Manila so I've had a chance to meet her and sign my copies. You know what's the BEST PART OF IT?!? It's the BLOGGER FORUM!!
Me and my blogger friends looks like this when we saw Kiera Cass walking at the aisle and making her way on the stage.

 It feels like a slow-motion theme when there's a person that you wanted to see, everything is surreal at the core! The forum started with the introduction of the host and it went down to the most exciting part of the blogger forum, THE QUESTION AND ANSWER PORTION! All of us ask her a very interesting questions. I also asked her if there'll be a sword-fight between Maxon and Aspen on The One, her answer were slightly vague since she can't reveal anything yet on the final book. Which makes us very excited for it. Some even ask if she's on Team Maxon and Team Aspen and she answered immediately with all her heart that she loves the two of them. It was very astounding to hear more about her thoughts on the books.
Note : These pictures are from Sab @ Sab The Book Eater 

These are some of my blogger friends, on the left side is Jesselle @ Jesselle loves Books beside her is me. The two lovely and bubbly ladies on the top are Louisse @ The Soul Sisters on the left and Kate @ Bookaholic Blurbs on the right. I missed them so much because last time that I saw them was at the Signing Event of Tahereh Mafi which was a one and a half month ago (I think). That's why I was very happy to be with them again. They are also the reason I was in love with blogging.

I was surprised to meet the group which I've known on twitter, it's a twitter fan page for The Selection Series. They wear a shirt with "The Elite" logo which was simple yet elegant on our eyes. These girls are so kind, they even gave us their self-made bookmarks.

After we asked questions on Kiera Cass, she signed our books right after. We look like this when the event organizer told us to fall in line.


 When it was my turn, I felt that my legs were wobbly. I find it very enchanting to be up close to every author that I met. She asked me how do I feel and then I honestly replied that I feel nervous (even though I am already beside her) then she take a pause on signing my copy then SHE HUGGED ME!! It was a MOTHERLY-HUG!! It warms me a lot and definitely made my heart together with all nervous system to return at the normal state.
  These are my signed copies.

The sweetest part of the blogger forum event was when his husband being present on the event (so much sweet of him) showed their sweet moments. We were very happy and giddy to see the two of them. I can almost see their own love story. :D

We move forward at the signing event, though we are already expecting that there will be too much people inside the bookstore, I wasn't expecting it to be this huge.

We sit at the left side corner near the stage, it was hard to reach that side because the crowd was MASSIVE! There are so much people patiently waiting for her and I loved it that there are so many booklovers in our country. I loved how I keep on hearing their thoughts when they've read the book. Kiera Cass's books inspired so much people in our country and it feels like the world where aligning according to my will. (Nyahahaha!!)

Since we can't see Kiera Cass clear enough on the event (because we're at the corner), we were just patiently waiting for her to arrive. After a couple of hours, the crowd went wild, the screams were inevitable. I can almost imagine that Harry Styles was also there since the screams of the girls are too much high that my ears will bleed anytime. We were just like this  at the corner.
I joined the screams because it was so much fun to join them! My blogger friends were taking pictures once there was an opportunity to see her up close on the stage, on the main event at that day.

 Here is a stolen-shot of us, my blogger friends and me at the event.
 (Why am I tugging my ears?!?? Prince Maxon? 0.0)

To sum all of it, that day is one of the memorable and unforgettable moments that I'll never forget. I'd also like to thank the people behind Harper Teens and Harper Collins for making it possible. That's all. :D



  1. I wish I'd met you guys! :( Anyway, great post! :DDDD

  2. Wow, that's a lot of fans. So cool you got to meet her and get your book signed :D

    1. totally!! there's someone who asked if her book will turn into a major motion picture and someone said Robert Pattinson as Prince Maxon. The crowd went "BOOOOOO!!". It was hilarious. :D

  3. How exciting!! I haven't met any authors but I've been to Comic Con twice and saw some of my favorite stars (including Robert Pattinson and the rest of Twilight!!) I know how exciting it can be to meet someone your a huge fan of!!

    Check out my Comic Con pictures