Book Sign Event of Melissa de la Cruz, Alyson Noel and Margaret Stohl

This is the moment when all Filipino readers went almost insane for having 3 authors to visit us in one day. It feels surrueal if I must say. It is definitely once in a lifetime event for us since behind their busy schedules outside the country and also their deadlines, they managed to visit and have our books signed.
One of the most fantastic event that happened is the Bloggers Forum! I got to be with my fellow book blogger friends and it felt a very long time even though we always tweet each other. Every single day and night. I'm dead serious. It's like a routine of my body to tweet them and have an update on what they were reading and about the authors too. And its totally wonderful.
As soon as the 3 of them entered the (mini)stage, I couldn't even believe my eyes! I swear! My heart was screaming then my mind said :
- Oh, be still my heart. -
Then they were very happy to strike a pose! They welcomed us with their smiles and greetings. I wasn't quite sure what to do next at that time. But then I managed to take a picture of them.
(There are so many cameras and they were a bit confused on what camera to look at. But fortunately, Margaret Stohl looked at us! Hi Margaret! *waves*)

Then we asked them several questions, they were all open to answers our questions. Not too mention their thoughts behind the books that they wrote. And to add some of it, they were currently writing while they're on tour here.
Margaret Stohl: "I'm currently typing right now on my feet."
Melissa talked about the Witched of East End as a TV series and how surprising and enticing it was to see shirtless actors. All of us were laughing so hard, just so you know. She also talked about writing Frozen and at the same time Fashion magazines. So fab of her! Alyson is so enthusiastic in creating different genres and felt very open to share us when she wrote Riley Bloom series, Fated series, and some of her contemporary novels. Margaret is one of the most bizaare author that I've ever met! She talked about the reasons behind writing Beautiful Creatures and the spin-off that she currently writes, w/c is Dangerous Creatures. She talked about their alternate process in writing the books with Kami Garcia. I never thought that she's be the most funny in 3 of the. She's so unpredictable.
I wasn't able to have books by Alyson and Melissa(too bad for me. :( ) Anyway, Margaret signed ALL of my copy of Caster Chronicles. 

With out host Chad and my fellow book bloggers.
Credits to Kate @ The Bookaholic Blurbs

With Melissa de la Cruz
Credits to Kate @ The Bookaholic Blurbs

With Margaret Stohl
Credits to Kate @ The Bookaholic Blurbs

With 3 of them!! AHHHH!!
This is me when I got home.