Gayle Forman in Philippines

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National Bookstore is making another virtual mayhem for all the booklovers across our country. (She's not here yet so it is definitely, a virtual one) When they posted that there will be an author coming around in 2014, everyone already played the guessing game. No one at first (I think) guessed the right one, but as they revealed the author, Gayle Forman, you should have seen all the twitter feeds. So freaking massive.

If tweets about Gayle Forman are water, you'll be in this state in an instant.

I was like..."She's coming, she's coming, she's coming. I will see her in flesh."

Well i'm sure that most of us already knew her books. Everyone loves her books, the unpredictable events of If I Stay and Where She Went, the most giggling synopsis of Just One Day and Just One Year. I read some reviews most of the time and those are the things that really captivates the hearts of the readers.

If you want to read more information about the signing event, check the Facebook Page of National Bookstore.