Just One Day with Gayle Forman

Here I am again! It's been a while since I posted on this blog. I was sort of busy on work and reading books that I forgot to share anything that happened lately these days. You see, remember last year that I posted that Gayle Forman will visit us? If you haven't I just wanted you to know that IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST MOMENTS OF MY LIFE. Actually, every author that visits us always feels like that. 

Anyway, National Book Store is always so kind and generous to give us a privilege to be on a Blogger Forum before the Book Signing Event. We asked so many questions about her in which I will talk about later on this post. 

When she entered the (mini) stage, my insides felt like this,

You see, I have a first draft of this post and it includes almost all the questions and answers during the blogger forum. But as I looked into it, it was very long and it might bore you. So I'll just attached the recording file that I have and I am pretty sure you'll definitely wanted Gayle Forman to hear her voice answering those questions.

Here's a fact, I am having a difficulty to embed an audio file with a preview. So, this is my only resolution. Just click the link and it will direct you to listen to the audio file. Hope this will be fine. But nonetheless, once you hear it, you'll definitely know more about her books. I mean the story behind when when she was still writing a book and also about the upcoming move adaptation.
20140118 134052.m4a
(I'm not even good at naming a file.)

Right after that, we already rushed in, fall in line to sign her. Everytime an event like this happens, I'm always happy, so much happy to see my fellow book bloggers. They're like my another part of me. We all somehow share the same interest, same fictional boyfriends, and almost same reactions to the books that we've read. I'm always thankful that I met them personally not just on twitterland. 

Last but definitely not the least, the event won't be possible if not for National Bookstore, the people behind this activities. Thanks for JB and Chad for giving us a once in a lifetime chance to be up close to her. :D

These are my signed copies. God, it's just so freaking wonderful to meet her.
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Of course my book blogger friends. Top right is Dianne beside her is Dani and on lower right is Nina the next is me. (Nevermind me, haha)

With the very lovely and adorable and the first book blogger that I met on twitter, Kate. And I get to take a picture with Gayle Forman. Damn, we're so lucky.