Mitch Albom Book Signing Event

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How should I start?


As a reader, have you felt that there is a certain book that immeasurably changed your insight with the way you look into life? The meaningful and sensible part of being alive? Well, on my part, I felt that the moment I finished Tuesdays With Morrie. It's the first book that I took seriously on reading. Although the book is thin, it already comprises the lessons in life. Then it got me thinking that if books are like that, I can read books everyday of my life. Seriously.

So when National Bookstore announced that MITCH ALBOM will visit us. Thank God and the heavens beyond it! My prayers were answered!!!

Last year, there are also authors who visited us, but I never expected that if he'll visit us it will be like this...


Photo credit to Kayla

Booklovers are scattered everywhere! Each of them holding new and old copies of his books. It makes me happy seeing that the author changed each and everyone of us that we are eager to see him for just a single day. Just try to find Mitch Albom on this picture. Mehehehe.

Before he signed our copies, he answered several questions. Of all the things that he answered, I liked it when he said that Tuesdays with Morrie is one of his favorite works. (All of them actually). Then he added that if only Morrie is with us on that day, he will be the most happiest person ever. Seeing that his words changed our lives and still continuing to reach new readers. God, it's so wonderful hearing that from him in person. 

After that, he talked about his latest book The First Phone Call from Heaven. He talked about the story line and how a small town marked a phenomenal event in every peoples lives. It's seems surreal seeing and hearing him say all those words of wisdom about life and heaven. I was even astonished when he talked about donating books for the people affected from Typhoon Yolanda. On some countries, they refer is as Typhoon Haiyan. Some authors like Stephen King and Khaled Hosseini donates their books for the people. It is wonderful knowing how authors act to help us other than giving us knowledge from their works.

I was so happy when he signed my copies!!! *jumps* Some are old copies. :D

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And thank God they allow us to have a picture with him, because I was expecting that since there are too much people, time would be consuming if they'll proceed on having a picture with him with each and every one of us. 

Thank God, Mitch Albom and National Bookstore for making this year wonderful!!!!