Recap : Book Launch of Til Death by Kate Evangelista

I am pretty sure that some of you already read Taste or Savor. And as I have searched and read some reviews on Goodreads, I read good reviews with 3-4 Stars of her book. It is fascinating to see how this Filipina Author almost conquered readers overseas.

Imagine while she's writing novels and readers can't wait to read her next books, it is like she already controlled readers with just her mind and hands. Superbly extravagant to think that it is really possible that Kate Evangelista escalates her novels to other people with such great impact. But to tell you the truth Til Death is the first book that I've read in all of her works, it is not that I am not interested. I do, but when I saw Til Death and read the synopsis, I already know in my mind that I clearly NEED to read it. And also, the cover. Oh man, who wouldn't want to grab on that book seriously.

Luckily, National Bookstore managed to have a Book Launch of Til Death. Oh dear Heaven, Dillan Sloan will come. I mean the creator of Dillan Sloan. I am so excited that we are meeting her and we're given a chance to ask questions on her life as a writer/author.

The host was Mina Esguerra who is also a writer, her works are the Interim Goddess of Love, Fairy Tale Fail and some other books that are nominated with an Award locally. Both of them are very promising authors and they are right in front of us which doubles the fun.

Things that I've learned from Kate Evangelista:

1. Create as many manuscripts as you can. If one is rejected, then you have another one and another one that they will eventually be approved.

2. You cannot please everyone with your works/books. There will always be people who won't like it anyway. But as long as you are doing what you love, everything is fine.

3. She really wanted to share the sequel for Til Death, but she can't. And that is too bad.

(With Kai and Nina)

(With Kazhy)

What is even more happier is that I was with my friends. During events like these, we always go rushing in throughout the entire day. Despite our busy schedules, we still found some time to get together on a time like this. Time is really precious as they say.

After the Q&A, of course, the part that we've always been waiting for, the book signing. All of us dashed in front of her, giggling and can't wait to have a picture with her. It is so memorable to think how writers turn to be one of the most adorable and lovable people when I thought that they are some kind of introvert since they all spend their day and nights sitting alone in front of the computer. And Kate Evangelista turns out to be one of the most cheerful person that I've ever met and to think that she is also a Filipina, double awesomeness.

My signed copy of Til Death! Huzzah!!

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Thank you National Bookstore for making the Til Death Book Launch!



  1. Those are some great lessons for aspiring writers. Thanks for sharing them!