Event Recap: Tahereh Mafi, Ransom Riggs and Veronica Rossi's Book Signing Event

Last Saturday was the highlight of my April, besides my birth month, it was the day when Tahereh and Ransom came back after a year and to add more than that, Veronica Rossi is along with them. National Bookstore posted that around their branches in the middle of January as far as I remembered and the whole booknerd/booklovers population boomed like a volcano since then. Almost every month, people keep on tweeting and posting their status on FB of how much they are so excited for April to come near.

There are girls/teenagers that are excited for summer to come and there are others who can't wait for this. Obviously, you know which side I'm in.

Photo: #NBSevents Five days to go!!!

Join three New York Times bestselling authors—Veronica Rossi (@rossibooks), Tahereh Mafi (@TaherehMafi) and Ransom Riggs (@ransomriggs)—for book signing events on April 26 at 2 pm in the Glorietta Activity Center, and on April 27 at 2 pm in The Gallery of Ayala Center Cebu.

Click on the link for more details: https://www.facebook.com/pages/National-Book-Store/72546266913?id=72546266913&sk=app_205521576149308.

We had a privilege for a Blogger's Forum and it was definitely fantastic. But before the forum started, I get to be with my friends and we were rambling and exchanging thoughts about the whole thing. Then it went down into the Q&A session when they arrived. I swear that when they were just walking around, all of us were controlling our feelings not tackle hug them. Successfully we controlled it. I feel very thankful for National Bookstore for including me on this forum.

Here are the things that I learned more about them

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1. Veronica Rossi never considered that Aria and Peregrine will just be friends. She knew from the beginning that it's a love story and she liked the love-to-hate and hate-to-love feelings of the characters.

2. Tahereh Mafi didn't come up with her own writing style. She felt very specific into Juliette's voice and the prose are always meant to be the visual representation of her shattered state of mind. The writing is also chaotic and insane as she (Juliette) comes into herself to stand an speak for her strenghts.

3. Ransom Riggs is ridiculously excited for the movie adaption of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. To add more than that, he already read some of the scripts. By the way, the auditions for Jacob's character on the book is ongoing. If you are a boy, you know what to do.

4. Veronica is cooperating for a New Adult book entitled "Boomerang". It just started as a Skype chat with her friend and then they came up on writing it. And as she told us, it was actually fun to shift from YA Dystopian book into New Adult. 

5.  For Tahereh and Veronica the first book contains so much discovery and with a free form, so when they wrote a sequel, they really dig deeper into the characters. The second book was the hardest one to write according to Veronica Rossi.

6. If Miss Peregrine and Hollow City will represent a photograph, it will be his heart. Black and White. Shallow.

7. When Tahereh finished the first book, she already knew who Juliette will end up with. 

8. To Veronica, the different social cultures of her characters was the thought experiment at first.  She really liked to play contrasting opposites, it was a whole lot of fun to what they're gonna commend to a relationship in the beginning and how it will end on unraveling all those myths.

9. If given a chance, Tahereh would choose Kenji as her best friend. Because Kenji is the representation of her brother and its personality. But if from another series, she'll choose Roar and Emma. She liked the character of Emma for being a strong and fierce lady.

10. What Veronica wanted to emerge at the end of the series are a.) the idea of being ultimately persistent with love and kindness, you'll find happiness and b.) home.

11. Though Juliette is trapped with her own mind in the beginning of the book, she's struggling so hard to be a human and she really wanted to explore the idea of inner strength and that's the thing that Tahereh liked the most in Juliette. She admire Juliette on holding her humanity inspite of cruelty.

12. Balancing the decisions and trying to belong to a new world while negotiating to an old one is probably the hard thing when Ransom Riggs was writing Hollow City.

13. Veronica Rossi don't regret any of the characters she killed. They all felt necessary and organic to the story.

Pretty amazing, right? It was so wonderful hearing these things from them and knowing how they express their love and hardships they had when they were writing their books. Then after that, we went on to the signing part and it was the most fangirl-ish moment that I ever had. All of us were rushing onto them like crazy. 
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They were very busy on signing. :D

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My signed copies!!! <3 i="">

While we are waiting for our turn, of course, we took photos of us with our customized shirts with random quotes from their books and they were very happy about the whole thing!!! 
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Then we went into the book signing event. I highly suspect that the stage will envelope almost all of the space remaining with it. There are so many booklovers that are very eager to see them again and have their books signed. What I liked about it even more is the *almost* never-ending screams of the people. It is in fact that it can bleed someone else's ears but it only shows how we, Filipinos are enthusiastic on books. 

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National Bookstore, we are so glad that you are so eager to respond on our requests on bringing such amazing authors. We are always looking forward on your surprises! Most of all, thank you for Tahereh and Ransom for giving us a chance to visit us again. And also, for Veronica Rossi on creating wonderful characters!!! WE LOVE YOU!! I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!

This is me saying thank you to everyone! <3 p="">
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  1. EEEEEP. Great post, Leslie! :D I don't know why but I got such good vibes while reading this recap. Haha! So glad to hear that you enjoyed the event and totally agree, I was more excited about the Three's book signing than summer itself. :)) Anyhoo, see you soon-ish, Leslie! <3

    1. Really? Ahahahaa!! Glad i made it good!! :D
      Can't wait to see you all again! <3