Recap : Becca Fitzpatrick Book Signing Event

Well it's been almost more than 3 days since Becca Fitzpatrick visited us. (And I'm sorry for posting so late about this >.<) Anyway, when she entered on the mini stage, I was mesmerized, yes mesmerized because she looks so wonderful and graceful in person. In addition to that, her HAIR. It's so great I felt a pang of jealousy by then.

It's really great to see and hear how she talks about her books and also upcoming books on us. We asked our questions and she wholeheartedly answered all of it.

(Photo credit : Kayla or Hazel ?)
 You won't pull away once you knew about Becca Fitzpatrick even more with this....

1. The Black Ice was formed in her mind when she was camping and she watched a movie about a girl who was kidnapped within cabin in the woods and the only way she knows she can escape is to fall in love with her abductor.

2. The first draft of Black Ice contained paranormal but her editor see and pushed through it to become a real and thrilling contemporary book.

3. Becca already know that Scott was going to die right from the beginning.

4. Her another upcoming new book, Sapphire Skies was not going to be a paranormal. It's a story about a girl named Stella, who witnessed a crime and so she was taken in a witness protection program but then she wants to be back again on her old life, aligned with that, she falls in love with a cowboy next door. In addition to that, it's like a cat-mouse chase between Stella and the murderer/s.

5. Patch and Nora's vulnerabilities are trusting each other in a relationship.

6. Vee's character is based on her childhood friend, so when she was writing about Vee, she already know what her character would say and act. And it definitely takes her to her teenage years when she was writing about Vee.

7. Patch was based on a guy she knew in high school. So when she finished the first draft, Patch was just a moral and good guy then she thinks that there must be something that falls him leading into a bad guy. And so, the idea of Patch as a fallen was formed by then. (I still wonder who is that guy she told us. *evil grin*)

8. She doesn't mind comparisons within other books. For her, people can say what they want, but for her, her story is unique.

9. Crescendo was hard to write because she was pressured within the successful installment of the first book Hush Hush. She went through a lot of drafts and eventually her editor saw that it was the great sequel for it. After that, she felt she can write anything and keep going.

After that, we were surprised *and screaming* that she will give us an ARC of her upcoming book Black Ice which will be released in October. I swear, we were like a bunch of fangirls screaming like there was a celebrity that suddenly came out of the shell.

(Photo credit : Kayla)

Also, she signed our *precious*copies together with the ARC of Black Ice. The cover of Black Ice is so mysterious actually. The guy looks a mercenary but still looks hot though. In which I should better read the book quickly. mehehehe...

We then proceed on the book sign event, wherein Becca Fitzpatrick gets to deal with so many Hush Hush Saga fans. Actually, there were even two girls who cosplayed as an angel. One good, one bad. You might not believe me coz I have don't have a pic *sorry* but really they were there to support her. And the whole massive people who signed up for the book sign...take a look.

(Photo credit : Kayla)
It almost consumed half of the area of the bookstore.

It was such a successful and memorable event!!! Thank you so much National Bookstore for making the event possible and for inviting wonderful authors!!! You guys rock!!!