Stephanie Perkins in Philippines #StephaniePerkinsInPH

When National Bookstore announced another author that they will bring, the social media universe went crazy on knowing who will it be. Fortunately, when Veronica Rossi, Tahereh Mafi and Ransom Riggs visited us, Tahereh already revealed that Stephanie Perkins will be coming in our country. That's the start of the people came rushing on reading and buying their copies. Then National Bookstore posted this all over the mall.


We had a chance to ask all about her books and also her upcoming book which will be released this August, none other than Isla and The Happily Ever After. One thing that I noticed is her eyes. Okay, I don't have weird fetishes but seriously, Stephanie Perkins has the kind of eyes which I can stare all day and never get so tired of it.

Anyway there are so many things that I learned all about her books and the people who inspired her on writing books.

  • He put her husband into all of her books.
  • Biggest part of her books are for her husband. She draw in some movies and other books too. She gets so excited on those and she likes to recaptures, like to live in that moment and tries to get in on her books. Also her inspiration on writing books is about what she felt and see in her life. She definitely likes to watch people into those tiny little bit of details about everyone of them. Like she can watch certain people and have a moment to think of wonderful things about them.

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  • Like one of the famous authors in history, Jane Austen and other authors, they learned how to write in reading. She advice her readers to keep on reading and eventually they will stumble to write their own story. 
  • Even more than that, she wrote the book Anna and the French Kiss even though she haven't been in Paris. She just researched all about it. Though she don't have all the finances to be able to be on there, she was able to create and form the most detailed parts of Paris like she's already been there. 
  • She's a librarian and she said its amazing to see wonderful things about it. She looks on photographs and read and read and feel like she's already in Paris which resulted on publishing Anna and The French Kiss.
These are the main things that I learned about her. But what amazes me is knowing she wrote Anna and The French Kiss even without going to Paris at all. *woah* Fast forward from all of this, if this recap can repeat all of what happened during the book signing...your ears will totally bleed with so much scream of her readers, including me.

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Maximum count is 600-700. I think.

It was crazy fun to hear Stephanie Perkins talks about all of her experiences here in our country. We were so lucky to have her for a day. I even wish that somehow, time would slow down so I can still see her up close and hear her voice telling so much stories behind her books. 

Stephanie Perkins was so enthusiastic the whole time down into the last person in line. Whew. Her hands must've been numb at some point though. But I never see her hands went tired or anything, she always has that smile to all of us while signing our copies.

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Me: Can you please write "I'm in love with you from Etienne"
Stephanie: Oh, sure!
Me: Because I am really obsessed with Etienne *fangirl*

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This is the result *cue fangirl scream again and again*

Displaying image.jpeg 
Thank God you can't hear my voice because I am still screaming. 

And then I get to be beside her. *screams*
Displaying image.jpeg 
She hold my book, should I cover it or just hug and read it all night?

During the book signing, while Stephanie is so busy with her readers, some of us approached her husband Jarrod. And I am telling you, he is one of the most awesome guy that I've ever met. He is game to everything. He gladly became a model and we became his paparazzi.

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I guess this is what they call The-Thinker-pose?

He also signed our books. It's like Etienne, Cricket and Josh already signed my copy all at once!
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Oh man, his signature looks great. *jumps*

We are so lucky NBS and Penguin gave us ARC of Isla and The Happily Ever After.

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Green looks good on us. Thank God. Big tackle hug to National Bookstore.

And of course we also signed our copies to her. Until now, I'm still in cloud nine everytime I remembered how she smiled at me and signed my copies.

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At this point, there are tears of joy in my eyes due to this book.

I will never get tired of saying all of my gratitude and appreciative words to National Bookstore for bringing Stephanie Perkins here in the Philippines. It is truly the most amazing thing everytime they are up to this event. Thank you so much for making it possible.