Recap : Book Signing Event of Claudia Gray and Madeleine Roux #GrayandRouxInPH

This banner swept off all over the mall and in my mail newsletter last week. It was unexpected actually that National Bookstore drag them out of the country and be able to place them into ours. I am dead serious. I even think twice that Claudia Gray's latest series Firebird # 1, A Thousand Pieces Of You will be signed because Goodreads told me the expected publication is on Nov. 4. I was like, dude, know I'll be having a copy this October *screams*. That is why I ultimately love it everytime National Bookstore brings surprises like this. 

I am very fortunate, blessed, lucky and any words you can describe as wonderful as being included on a Blogger's Forum. We asked several questions for them and their answers were totally funny. I can feel how their job and dreams were united and mixed up. It's so cool to hear their answers and make fun stuff to be exact.

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We asked several questions with them and of course, their response is simply great.

Note : These are not the exact answers though. These were parts of their answers only. :)

Did you get scared when you were writing your novels?
M. Roux : "There are times that I feel a little bit scared and that's when I knew that my books are good"

You like playing games, are there parts of it that you were able to incorporate in your novels?
M.Roux "I am a huge gamer. One of the the things that I love in games are the supporting cast or the squad. I think that something cope in her works. And they are colorful and I wanted to come across."

Would you like to tie-up with another author for a new book?
M. Roux : "I am actually a good friend with Michelle Gagnon, the author of Don't Turn Around. She's fantastic and we hang out all the time. So I might poke her one day and try to get her to do it. I think it would be really an interesting challenge."

Would you rather be stuck in an asylum or in a scary carnival?
M. Roux : "I actually don't really like clowns. I'd have to probably say the asylum. But ideally neither would be.

Have you got a chance to visit a real asylum?
M. Roux : "I haven't actually visited an actual asylum. Its very surprising how you can find pictures and videos. But I cant recommend it though, I still like to try to go to one."

What was the process you've done when you chose the pictures on your novels?
M. Roux : "There was a collaborative process with the publisher because I can also access public photos online and they also have some pictures the publishers only have access into. Its a sort of me find the combinations of the pictures. Its interesting to write a book and think maybe this could be a great image. But its definitely a lot of revising and revising"

When was time you started to love reading and wanted to become an author?
M. Roux : "I cant pinpoint the moment I started to love reading but I know always love to read. Iwould steal my brothers book. I just wanted to read books -- Anne Rice is big one and Tolkien when I was a teenager, and harry potter just like everybody. When I got to college and went to a Creative Writing program. You gotta with start reading all these books before writing. Creative Writing 101 wasn't me writing things, it was me reading other really good books and try to take those books apart and see why they were good, how were they able to do this and sort of get this emotional response from somebody. They all teach you something different and what makes a good book and what makes a good writer. "

Fun fact
"I am a huge fan of Neil Gaiman"

Out of all your characters in your books, who do you think can win The Hunger Games?
C. Gray : "I think Nadia will be the best competitor for Hunger Games because she can cast a spell so she wont be included. Marguerite can be a better fighter though"

What are the challenges you encountered everytime you write another series?
C. Gray : "It varies from book to book. Each book gonna have its own challenge, its own difficulties.  For thousand pieces of you its definitely how the Firebird would work. But even though its like science fantasy it needs to consistent with the things it can do, things that can do or cant do that could go wrong. that is definitely the tough one."

When was time you started to love reading and wanted to become an author?
C. Gray : "My parents never put me in any limits. I will read MG teenage romances. I read the Thornbirds. I always knew that I would want to write. I cant stop imagining and plotting stories. And I wrote so much fanfiction -- I still write it to this day. My first novel idea was fanfiction of Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

You have any plans to write another genre?
C. Gray : "I think anything could happen in a long time. There will always be Gothic and Paranormal, Fiction and Sci-Fi. But I really love to write science fiction in that vein and I don't think I'm done writing paranormal stuff anytime soon. Right now, I really like to play with those, but I'm not going ot say no to anything. anything could happened in a long time. I just finished the draft to the sequel of A Thousand Pieces Of You and I'm sure there will be other things. 

"I like the idea of sort of having that people are fated to meet but the outcome isn't fated. There are thousand possibilities"

Afterwards, we proceed on signing the books. Both of them are very enthusiastic. It's like their stories doesn't end in a day. They always share their experience during their stay in here.

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Got the chance to have a picture with them!! *fangirl*

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My glorious signed copies. omg.

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Of course, we always take a picture during the forum. hihi

After the Blogger's Forum, we went to the Public signing. The stage was all set and done. Everyone was all waiting for the main event to start.

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As expected, we haven't got enough seats. There were so many early birds, to be precise. We just sat on the left corner of the stage waiting for the event to start. People are reading Gray's and/or Roux's books to kill time and to cut some suspense on waiting. 

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 There are too many people. It is a struggle to take a picture of this one. People were standing, aligning their book, holding their line stubs and taking pictures. It was a great sight to see so many booklovers waiting for the authors.

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People were screaming as soon as they arrived. *covers ears* Readers were given the opportunity to ask them several questions like what's their inspiration on reading and writing and about their books generally. Madeleine and Claudia answered enthusiastically. It was such a memorable day for me.

Overall, Saturday was one of the wackiest day of my life. Thank you so much Madeleine Roux, Claudia Gray, HarperCollins and National Bookstore!
Here's our beautiful picture you can make fun of. HAHAHAHA!!

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