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It has been a very long time since I posted anything. Ugh, this month consumed almost all of me and it is ultimately frustrating. But the Gods above answered my prayer when Michelle Zink, author of newly published book Lies I Told replied to my messages. I was delighted in an instant. It soothes out the hardship and pain that I'm having for the past weeks.

HarperTeen published a new YA book, Lies I Told which sets the protagonist being deceived from all the lies she went through. In the middle of it all, she encountered an unusual setting and people whom she may or may not trust anymore. 

Believe me there is so much more than what I indicated or from the synopsis all over the internet. Reading Lies I Told entertained me a lot, that is why after I finished it, I immediately tweeted Michelle to know more about her. And this are the things that I asked from her.

Hope you'll enjoy reading! :)

1. First of all, can you tell us 3 or 5 things about you?
I'm a single mother of four kids ages 15 - 22,
I live in an old converted barn in the Hudson Valley in New York, and I'm a bit of a movie fanatic. 

2. What sparked your idea in writing Lies I Told?
I was watching an old 80s movie called Grifters with John Cusack, and I was struck by the way constant deception infiltrates the psyche. I thought a YA book centered around a con would be the perfect framework for the questions of identity and self-worth with which we all sometimes struggle. 

3. How do you make your characters? Do they remind you of some people?

It varies! Sometimes the characters come first. I hear them in my head and have to listen to what they say to figure out their story. Other times the story comes first, and I have to let the idea sit for a bit to answer the question of who the story is about. 

*keep scrolling there's a surprise at the end of this post*

4. Playa Hermosa is a place that definitely feels calming with its beaches, why did you chose it as your setting as for your thieves-in-action characters.
It's patterned after a real community called Palos Verdes near where I grew up in Southern California. I wanted Grace's life to feel a little surreal, and this tropical, beachside community filled with wild peacocks and parrots seemed like the perfect backdrop.

Displaying Lies_Cover_HR.jpg5. What were the obstacles that you had in the writing process of Lies I Told?
Lies I Told actually started as a concept called Grift that I tried to sell to a popular TV network. It came very, very close to selling but was cut in the end. My agent suggested I rework the concept for sale to a publisher. The biggest challenge was getting that right -- taking it from a TV concept to a book, because the mediums are very different. My editor actually suggested writing it in the first person POV, which was a big deal because at the time, I'd already written over a hundred pages in the third person POV. She was right, though! It's what the story needed to make a successful transition from TV concept to novel.

6. Random question, Hardback or Paperback?
To be honest, I read books on my ereader first, then buy the hardcover if it's something I love enough to have in my personal library. I never feel guilty about this because I know that authors make a larger royalty on the ebook. And sometimes, when the book is very good, they end up getting my money twice. ;)

7. This is definitely the last one. I'm from Philippines so would you like to give a message to us (Filipino booklovers)?
I have a special place in my heart for my Filipino readers. They were hugely supportive of the Prophecy of the Sisters trilogy, and I can't count how many emails I've gotten from the Philippines begging me to visit (which I would love to do!). They've remained steadfast in their support of me even though I haven't been able to tour there yet, and that means so much to me. I <3 guys="" i="" you="">

About the Author

Displaying mzink_08_final_web.jpgMichelle Zink lives in New York in an old converted barn on four acres. Her first book, Prophecy of the Sisters, was one of Booklist’s Top Ten Debut novels, and her work as been included in the Lonestar List, Chicago Public Library’s Best of the Best, and New York Public Library’s Stuff for the Teen Age. Michelle’s work has been published in over twenty countries.

LIES I TOLD is her sixth book.


Here's a surprise, Michelle agreed that she can donate a book to whoever will be the lucky winner for this giveaway! I am sorry for my local followers because this is only open for US/CAN residents only. 


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