Angel Dares

Angel Dares (Benedicts, #5)Title : Angel Dares (Benedict # 5)
Author : Joss Stirling
Rating : 4.5 Stars!!!

Published October 1st 2015 by Oxford University Press
ISBN13 : 9780192743480
Source copy : Publisher
Synopsis :
Angel is impulsive. Disguising her savant ability to control water doesn't come easily to her. Then she meets the broodingly handsome Marcus at a music festival where they're both performing, and finds herself all at sea. For when he sings, her soul answers with its own music. Like the tide, their mutual attraction cannot be held back, but Marcus's mistrust of Angel's gift is even stronger. How can they ever be together if Marcus is unable to accept who Angel is or what they could mean to each other? And with the net closing in on the Savant community it's time for everyone to choose a side. A stunning new novel from the best-selling author of the Savants series: Finding Sky, Stealing Phoenix, Seeking Crystal and Misty Falls .
Source : Goodreads 

You know it's said that fools rush in
Where angels fear to tread.
Then I'm a fool;
Angel, I'm your fool.

This time, Joss Stirling brought a heartbreaking theme of having a soulfinder. Without a doubt, her protagonist were marvelous and wicked at the same time. Angel and Marcus are completely in different level of living with their gifts. Angel recognizes her ability to control water at a young age while Marcus was unfamiliar with it.

The original plan is to help Will Benedict unite with her soulfinder who happens to be a part of the band. A band usually have several tours and it happens that Angel's band is included on it. It was the perfect time to reunite, until she also met her own soulfinder in the process.

On my observation at first, it has a bit similarity in Finding Sky. The protagonist are unaware at first with their savant gift. But what sets Finding Sky and Angel Dares is the concept of rejection. While Finding Sky displays it in a mischievous way, Angel Dares gives a whole lot of compromise about it. Imagine your lover rejecting you in whatever you say and yet their actions shows the opposite. It is completely confusing and yet addicting. All I was thinking is, how can Angel bear the pain of knowing that her soulfinder will just refuse her over and over.

One thing that I loved about Angel Dares is the way these characters were able to express their feelings. They used music as their medium to communicate with it. The lyrics were quite lovely yet deadly and poisonous. For Marcus who was able to amplify another abilities, he earned the title on serenading a heart. But the thing that sets him different is his denial of his own ability and even Angel. This made the book heartbreaking.

Of course, Joss Stirling created a new way for Marcus to redeem himself to Angel. And I assure you, it felt like Marcus created a warm place for Angel to protect her at all cost. Angel Dares is the game changer of the Benedict series. You'll find how these characters were able to put up a fight with their feelings. This is definitely one of the most entertaining book I've read this year.