Sarah J. Mass Book Event Signing Recap

Last week, Sunday, it turns out to be a wackiest kind of event. Because almost everything was unexpected for me. Sarah J. Maas is the first author from Bloomsburry that National Bookstore has brought. Given the tension of the limits of the event, readers were shocked about it. But when Sarah entered the stage, it felt like all the days and nights of tension that had happened were all gone. Sarah was the kind of open who was open and almost transparent with anything. Also, the other thing that lights up the fire of entire ToG and ACOTAR fandom was that her husband came with her. We were all squealing how good it was to see the person whom ACOTAR was dedicated. They were both funny and sweet to be honest.

We had a queue of questions and I can say, all of us are overjoyed with contentment on any answers she had given to us.

You can check it out here, this is a long one so please bear with it. :)

1. When Throne of Glass published, one of the things she learned is the editorial process. She will receive notes and edit the book and she needs to meet the deadline in a fairly yearly schedule. She understand how readers feel on waiting for a sequel of every books. But if she can change her book, it could be after 3-5 years she'll write a spinoff or create another ship. HAHAHA!

Like other authors, she is still learning to push herself as a writer with every book that she writes. With Empire of Shadows, she's actually having the anxiety and pressure whenever she's editing. But she knows it happens likewise with other authors.

2. Sarah took a class on Russian folklore. From there she was inspired with the story of Vasilisa the Beautiful. That is where the Baba, character of Heir of Fire was inspired. Also, that is where Celeana's fierceness was inherited.

3. She starts writing by the start and ending of the book. That is her guiding star. And the vague part of the series, she lets her characters guide her.

4. She wrote ACOTAR in 2009, the map in the sequel will be filled in and the map will gradually be in detail until the rest of it. Readers will definitely see the things that are quite fore coming.

5. If there's a writing advice that she got, it wasn't about technical writing. It was more like the kindness of the writing community. They never said do this or that. When she first send the draft of ToG, she received a lot of rejections. When Mandy sent her an email saying that she read her draft on FictionPress, Mandy helped her on the process. Throughout the editing process, she followed all of her advice and until she got the accepted.

6. Celeana walked into her head full form and it took her a year to know about what she thinks of her as person. The thing that she creates with her characters, she will think of them as, what would they eat at night. Or even what would be their hobby.

7. What she loved when the her books was published, it is how the fandom grows. Filipinos are enthuastic on going online every single time to support her books. And she haven't expected for it to became this big. Because all she wanted is to see her books published and see it in a bookstore and everything else. All the tour she is having right now are all thanks to the fandoms. There are other authors who were published and some of them didn't get to have the same things that she have now. So she knows, how lucky she was to get reach until here.

It took approximately an hour of awesomeness with all the questions that we had. After that we went through the book signing. Up close I can see how her 'Queen' quality factor illuminates. I am pretty sure other readers will agree who have seen her so close.


I got her to sign my copy of ACOTAR and The Assassin's Blade. My other copies were US ones so I didn't get them to sign. But it was totally fine, because seeing her pays up to all of it. And to think that I get to be beside like this CLOSE. Good heaven, I am so blessed. 

 In behalf of National Bookstore, Bloomsburry and Sarah J. Mass and your husband, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING MY SUNDAY A MEMORABLE ONE. I WILL NEVER FORGET IT FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. <3 br="">