Sunday Chat with Morgan Matson #MorganMatsonInPH

The author of Second Chance Summer, Since You've Been Gone and The Unexpected Everything came to the Philippines last week. National Bookstore gave a chance to the Filipino booklovers to see Morgan Matson. Everyone on the social media are sharing and posting their anticipation see her. Especially on Twitter, readers are very much excited to get to sign their books and to know a lot about her. It was one of the highlights of September to every booklovers that I know of. 

We had a forum with her in which we had a lot of fun. Interestingly, I got to see one of the bubbliest author I knew.

One of the things she does to starts on writing is creating back stories of the characters to fill in the gaps. Like, what are their siblings or what are their parent are. Creating details about the characters deepens the story and creates a lot of fun. 

When it comes to advice on writing, one of the advice that made impact on her is to just finish what she started. Back then, she usually creates a 30 pages draft of the story and after that she tends to get sidetracked. But one of her friend told her that she need to finish what she had started with the 30 pages draft. When she finished her first book, she felt she's on a rollercoaster that slowly sets down to the track. And it was a huge moment for her.

Writing realistic theme for teenagers is the only thing that she feels comfortable to write. People asks her if she wants to try fantasy but at the moment, it does not feel comfortable for her. She drawn to write stories about real people and their relationships.

Writing as Katie Finn was definitely fun for her. It was like having a secret identity that she can play around in a different genre. In her books as Katie Finn, it is a little more extreme. People are trying to get revenge on each other and holding grudges. But the only thing that makes it difficult to write on another pen name is when it gets to be a bit time consuming. At that time, she is working on a trilogy and she is doing two books at a time.

On Since You've Been Gone there are list of task that makes the character to get out of her comfort zone. If she will give a task to herself, the top 3 things would be.

1. Skydiving - She really wanted to try it but she's really scared to. Only if her friends will accompany her, then she will probably do it.

2. Drive on the other side of the road - One of the things that she wanted to try is to explore different kinds of places. And to see how people goes around in other places.

3. Get a cat - It could be a lot of fun and scary because she has a dog and she's curious how her dog will react on it.

These are some of the things that we had learned about her. I hope you also had a lot of fun and a great experience on meeting her. Afterwards she signed our copies and we had a group picture with her.

*Signed copies* OMG!

Group picture with the lovely Morgan Matson. 
*Credits to Jesselle of The Lifelong Bookworm*


From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much National Bookstore and Morgan Matson for making us extremely happy.