Late Valentines Day Post

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Last week was Valentines Day and wow there are a lot of lovers everywhere I go. Every streets that I passed by, boys carry their flowers and wait for their girlfriends. A week before that, my boyfriend and I had a date and then we spent the night with his friends on a condo that they rented via Airbnb. I actually kept on telling him how much I wanted a Kindle. But then, he keeps on insisting that I should buy things if I really needed them. Needing and wanting have the gray area between it. So being persistent is the only way to get what I want/need.

Then I won, he searched and contact a Kindle seller on our local online buy/sell shop. Luckily, fate was on my side. He found one and he agreed that we can meet him up and buy it immediately. I was so excited and curious on how it feels to have a Kindle at last. My friends know how much I wanted to have one but I always had a doubt if it was really worth it. When he finally bought it, I already knew that Kindle is one of the best thing that I had as a booklover.

I requested for the latest version of Kindle Paperwhite and the only available color was white. But seriously, white looks really flawless when I hold it. The common is the black one, so having a white one makes me really giddy every time I read.

The funny thing is the packaging, it is Certified Frustration-Free. I had no problems on opening it, like the usual packaging that comes with a tape in every corner. So this is a plus points if you plan on buying one, you won't have any problems opening it. HAHAHA!

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At the moment, I already have 37 books saved on my Kindle. I only purchase books on Amazon when they are on sale. *Insanely on sale* I got The Star Touched Queen and A Darker Shade of Magic for only $2.54. Almost every night I search for the books that I love that could be on sale, and so far, I got those titles. The others books were $1.99 only. If I'll compare the price the printed copy to the kindle one, they have a huge difference. So I save a large amount of price when I purchase on Amazon Kindle.

Of course, this doesn't mean that I will not buy printed books anymore, it's just that this time, I will limit the books that I will buy now. And I am really delighted on that and I want to thank my boyfriend for buying me a Kindle.

What's your experience when you had your Kindle?



  1. I own a Kindle Fire HD; had it for a few years and recently, had to take apart the shell to fix up a loose microUSB port :/
    performance and definition is exceptional