2019 Bookish Wrap-up

2019 has been a good year to me. I had ups and downs throughout the year but I was able to manage it fortunately. It was also a good year wherein I was able to finish some of a great books that I’ve been wanting to read for so long. What I wanted to highlight here are my top 5 books that made my 2019 so very great!

Dare I say more? The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black it is! The Folk of the Air series surprised me a lot. I did not expect to fall in love with Cardan because of his character from the start, but as the book progresses I started to fall for him and the Fae politics is really interesting. Deadly interesting.

I had Kingdom Of Ash on my hands for a very long time. From the moment it was released, I instantly bought it. But when I got it, I was so afraid to end it. Like bidding a sweet goodbye to these powerful characters that I loved. Last year, I finally accepted that it is time to read the end. Holy Gods, the ending did not disappoint me. It was full of sacrifices, forgiveness, acceptance and moving on to welcome new beginnings. It was a sweet kiss to end the series.

THE BRIDE TEST BY HELEN HOANG! THIS BOOK AWAKENED ME TO MY WHOLE CORE. The romance, plot twist, and culture representation is on point! Instantly, Helen Hoang became one of my once-book-is-released-add-to-cart-it-is author. She is magnificent to show the vulnerability of the characters and there are steamy hot, intoxicating parts that I am so damn addicted.

I am so damn proud to finish this one. I was a big fan of The Night Circus a long time ago and when it was revealed that she has a new book coming out, I have high hopes about it. The Starless Sea is magical and a mysterious kind of book. There was a lot of tales foretold and I liked it very much. I was even surprised there is a soft touch of LGBT on this book. In every angle, I gripped too much on reaching the end.

Strange the Dreamer is my first Laini Taylor book. I think we can all relate to Lazlo Strange. He infinitely loves books and he knows the limits and boundaries that books can make. Sarai and Lazlo’s encounter is like a Romeo and Juliet on me. It was kind of a forbidden love but damn the execution was splendid. I now get it why people are so obsessed to Laini Taylor. 

Well, those are the books that made my 2019 so magical! There are a lot of great releases on 2020 and I am so eager to read them all! Hopefully I will meet my 2020 Reading Challenge this time.