Alexandra Adornetto's - - - Halo

Do you believe in angels? Whether you believe or not you would surely love to read the Halo trilogy. Yes, a trilogy, Halo is the 1st book that tells about the arrival of 3 angels assigned for a mission. Gabriel,Ivy, and Bethany. The three heavenly angels are assigned to Venus Cove to investigate and to fight the Dark forces.

But it would be very tough for them since Bethany fall in love with a mortal. Xavier. Readers will be thrilled on how Bethany will endure her love between her family and her mortal lover.

On this heavenly thrilling story of Alexandra Adornetto readers would surely want to know more the pain and happiness of two star crossed lovers. I love how Adornetto describes every character, each one of them has unique features.

Readers will surely can't wait for the sequel of this wonderful story!!