A Memory Saga

This is the first book of Ann Brashares that I've read and I totally loved it!! The first book of the Memory saga. My Name is Memory.
Reincarnation is the main theme of it. It seems unbelievable...but when you read it, its so cool!! Readers can imagine a boy who falls in love the same girl all over again through different times,centuries and even ages.

Daniel is one of the few people who has the Memory to remember all of his past lives. By all of his lives, he deeply fallen in love with Sophia. But then fate challenges the lovers because Sophia who became Lucy on their present time have not much ability to remember her past lives.Together they will search for their answers that will reunite them.

Their incredible story will make readers feel how much it hurts to endure and to feel unrequited. It is aligned to have a movie tie in on this novel that will be on 2012. 
There are still parts that remains unanswered. Readers will surely can't wait to release the sequel of this book.

Well this is the another cover of the book. I loved it!! I cant wait for the sequel.