Finding Sky

Title : Finding Sky

Author : Joss Stirling

Publisher: OUP Oxford (7 Oct 2010)

Pages : 320 pages

Rating : 5 Stars!!

Finding Sky Signed Edition

                   This is one of the best books that I've read. The cover of the book already caught my attention. I loved it. I haven't read other books of Joss Stirling, but Finding Sky for me is one of the best that she created. I've also read this by an ebook file, that's why I really wanted to have my own copy of this book.

Back from the story, here is the summary...

Sky is just an oridinary girl or she thought it was, she was adopted by a couple who found her on the street when she was a child. Her adopted parents gladly welcomed her as their own daughter and loved her. At first, they lived in England, but then they moved to a new American school, there she meets Zed. An unusual yet dazzling boy who communicates to her by telepathy. Sky realized that she was drawn to Zed, her feelings about him. But there are other people who wants them to push away.

My review.....

The book description already tells about finding your soulmate. But in this story they have another term. Soulfinder. For me, this is a great YA fiction novel, even greater than Twilight Saga. Its just that, the way Joss Stirling introduce the characters is so great!! just great!! Especially Sky and Zed. Two opposite people who are bound to be soulmates. And also the different powers that the Benedict clan possesses, its really magical!!
And seriously...i can read this book many times and i will never get tired of reading it all over again.

Here is the sequel. its about Yves' story. i think that all the seven Benedicts will all have different story on finding their soulfinder.



  1. I love this book too.It is the best book ever! But i have only read this and wanted to read the next do you know a site i could download the books??