Just One Wish

Title : Just One Wish

Author : Janette Rallison

Publisher: Putnam Juvenile (March 5, 2009)

Pages: 272 pages

Rating : 4.5 Stars

             Everyone would like to grant someones wishes, to help their dreams come true. That's what Annika wanted, to help her little brother to survive a cancer surgery. She wanted her brother to fight the cancer of him.That is what she always believed that once you concentrate on something to happen, it will do happen. So Annika did everything to help her little brother to believe that surgery will do good for her brother, even if she will need to persuade and to bring her brother's favorite actor. It is a Teen Robin Hood actor that was always chased by the Paparazzi's. Steve Raleigh.

Annika told that she has a genie that can make their wishes come true. She expected that his wish would be for the surgery to go well, but it was the other way around. Her little brother wished for the Teen Robin Hood actor to visit their home and teach him archery. Annika knew that it would be impossible but for the sake of his little brother she will do everything.

It contains some action for me, because its really hard to travel to Hollywood and bring him to your own town. I loved the optimistic and brave Annika. I loved the naughty and hot Steve Raleigh. They are totally fit to each other. Janette Rallison created a two different characters that shows diffrerent kind of insights in life. A Hollywood life and Simple life. On this story, readers will surely love this book.

I wanted a sequel of it. I even e-mailed Janette Rallison if there will be a sequel. Maybe I would request someday for her to write it. So,yes, the story is really good that I even wanted a sequel of it. But she replied that she haven't got any plans to do the sequel of it. Co'z I wanted to know more how Annika and Steve can handle their relationship. And also how her little brother survived the cancer surgery. Some parts for me, needs more story to read!! But overall I totally loved this book!! :D