Finished Reading!!

Yesterday, I finished Where I Belong Gwendolyn Heasley. On what I saw on her site she is currently working on her second novel. This first book of her was just published on February by this year.  The cover of the book is so beautiful!!!

Imagine a character on Gossip Girl that was affected by recession and was sent to a far country. That would be the main theme on this story. At first, it looks like a plain story to me. But then as I read was so good and fashionable. Co'z Corrine the main character have some of the most branded dress and the way Gwendolyn describes it, it was cool!! Especially the first part of the book. A letter. (Spoiler!! XD)

When Corrinne's father was affected by the recession or by the investors who haven't paid like fraud, her family decided to live in Texas for a while. Full of rodeos. Living a Texan life never enters on Corrine's dream because she was used on a party New York life. All of the fabulous and gorgeous things in life. She dreams on starting her new school life in Kent, but unexpected things happen. Together with his little brother Tripp, they lived on their Grandma and Grandpa. By there Corrinne learns to value changes on her life and appreciate the things with the things the way they are. She also meets different people and also a special guy.

Another part that I loved on this story is that Gwendolyn Heasley also tells about different kinds of love. The love for your family through good and worse. Love for your new and best friends. Love for your little brother. Its so cute!! And also to love a man that is always there for you and accept you for who you are.

Rating: 4 stars!!