Susane Colasanti

This is the first book that I've read by her. The title for me is already first i think its all about love...but there are some point about friendship, and flirting..haha!! XD

I loved how Colasanti described a boy who shows a deep feelings and waits for the right time to express all of his feelings to the girl he loves. Its a great YA novel that will make every teen fall in love for someone they doesn't realize that there love of their lives are just beyond their boundaries.

Well i find it hard for Tobey for him just to express his feelings for Sara. Co'z if someone just wants or loves a person deeply, well just say it..for it will just make it worse if you won't say it earlier. But Susane Colasanti deeply gives significant meaning that once you have fallen in love, you can do everything..even to wait for the right time. And also Sara, her character, i find her dense at some point. Co'z she just can;t notice how much Tobey loves him.

I also love how Susane Colasanti includes different music on every chapter. i guess its the usual love thing. Girl falls in love for the band boy. Boy falls in love with the simple yet unique girl.

And another thing. i finished reading Where I Belong by Gwendolyn Heasley!! :D