Perfect Chemistry trilogy - book 2

Title : Rules Of Attraction

Author : Simone Elkeles

Hardcover: 336 pages 

Publisher: Walker Books for Young Readers (April 13, 2010)

Rating : 5 Stars!!

              From the book of Perfect Chemistry comes a sequel that tells about Carlos Fuentes and Kiara. Carlos Fuentes was sent to live in Colorado because of his disobedience and he also joined the Latino Blood. All he wanted is break all the rules. It change when his older brother sent him into school to continue his studies on Colorado and there he meets an introvert shy girl, Kiara.

After involving in a drug case, he was ordered to attend an after school program and live on a home of a professor that is a friend of Alex who helped him. From there, Carlos will realize different kinds of things. Brotherhood. Family. Love.Girls. It was all that Carlos realized that he already fallen in love with Kiara.

Kiara, a shy girl who always stutter in front of everyone just wanted to overcome her fears. And struggling not to be attracted to a gang member will be tougher than she thought. She realized all the problems and struggles of Carlos with the Latino Blood and his family. She knows that she can help Carlos survive all the problems and include that Carlos will fall in love with her.

This book is not a usual YA novel that just tells about the love-hate relationship of a guy and a girl. It is more different than that. That is why i loved this book. It has action,comedy and romance. The story have different point of view of a guy and a girl when they fall in love, especially if they are a total opposite.