As You Wish

Title : As You Wish

Author : Jackson Pearce

Pages: 304 pages 

Publisher: HarperTeen (August 25, 2009)

Rating : 3.5 Stars!!

                    Many of us wanted a wish come true. Viola wanted one, that she will not be invisible to anyone. No one seems to notice her, ever since she discovered that her boyfriend, her best friend is not the way he is. He is a gay. It was all a total shock to her, that it seems that the universe doesn't take the rotation that she wanted to. Its all wrong for her. Until she accidentally summoned a jinn.Viola doesn't believe that she summoned a jinn, it seems so impossible. But Jinn prove to her magical things to make her believe that he is a jinn and she can fall in love again.

Jinn who was suddenly summoned by Viola only wanted to go back to his home and have a life again, where everything is perfect.Three wishes and he will be back to his home. A magical place for all the jinns. But his decision changed when he noticed that he had a feeling for Viola more than just being a jinn.  A series of decision making wherein why and when will be the definite time to make and grant a wish. A series of enduring one's feelings where a character should not feel at the first place.

This was the first time that I've read about Genies. I wish I could have done that, to summon a jinn. The story brings a reader to a magical place and to a usual scenario life of a teenager. I loved the way the author create a standard rules of all the jinns, because mainly I only have vague ideas when it come to Genies, only in Alladin I think. I was also in love with the character of Jinn, a magical creature (is it a human or what?!?) whose devotion was in his own land and also his devotion in guiding Viola.
Totally a great book that i have read!!