Beautiful Creatures (Caster Chronicles Book#1)

Title : Beautiful Creatures

Author : Kami Garcia , Margaret Stohl

Pages : 563 pages 

Publisher : Little, Brown Books for Young Readers; 1 edition (December 1, 2009)

Rating : 5 Stars!!

                Ethan Wate only wanted to escape or leave in his old town Gatlin. Everything is the same. Everything is predictable. Ever since his mother died, his dad was always on a study room writing a novel. He wanted to escape on all the things that makes him remind about his mother and the usual things in Gatlin, he wanted something new. It changes when he always dream with the same girl whom he don't know and finds himself inlove with the girl that occupies his dreams.

Lena Duchannes, new girl in Gatlin that lives in the House of Ravenwood that the citizens of Gatlin considers as a haunted place. She holds a secret that her family brings before the day she was born. A Family of Casters. She is scared if she will be on the Light or Dark Side of the Casters.

An amazing story that creates a unique plot about the origins of every Casters and other kinds of them. As I read every chapter the authors clearly described all the details of every character, which I mainly loved when I am reading a story. I loved the part where they have drawing of the Family Trees!! (Spoiler? Not too much..:D) Its not like the usual Twilight story, this story is a very twisted forbidden love story that every reader will get to know more the feelings of Ethan and Lena. Readers will definitely realize that it is now the time for the Casters,Incubus, and other creatures. Every chapter I learned more a lot about it. I discovered new things, other than vampires and angels

Actually, I have an ebook copy of the two books, but I have a book rule to myself that If a book is definitely interesting, even though there is an ebook copy of it, I would still buy the book itself. Its just that holding the book itself is more fun, its like holding the story, the characters, that i somehow relate to them. I know that its weird, but still, because I loved this book, I bought a copy!! yey!! :)