Perfect Chemistry - trilogy

Title : Perfect Chemistry

Author : Simone Elkeles

Paperback: 368 pages 

Publisher: Walker Childrens (December 23, 2008)

Rating :  3.5 Stars!!!

                The first book of the Perfect Chemistry trilogy that tells about the Fuente's brothers. Alex,Carlos, and Luis Fuentes. The story is about the unlikely two-lab partners, Alex and Brittany. A gorgeous girl and a Latino Blood (gang) member. As a member of a gang, Alex may have a hard time on leaving the gang because of serious consequences. Since the day, their father died, Alex only wanted the best for his famliy, even if joining a gang that his father once joined.

Brittany, a famous pretty young student who keeps on wishing to be with her mentally-ill sister. She just keeps on following all the commands and order of her mother to become the perfect daughter that her mother ever wanted to be.

A Chemistry teacher that started the twisted love story of Alex and Brittany. From there starts a deal that Alex agreed with his friends that he can make Brittany fall in love with him, head over heels in love with him. For Alex, it was just to win the deal, but as he discover many things about Brittany, she began to fall in love with her. It was now his choice to decide how he can confess to Brittany all about the truth.

It is a great story, well actually i've read the second book of it, co'z i have no idea at first that it was a trilogy. So yup, i read the second book first. Kind of weird?!? While reading the book, i sometimes laugh co'z there are some part of the story will make the readers realize that there really is a thin line between love and hate. After I read it, all part of the story was so great. Every romance story have all their uniqueness and Simone Elkeles definitely prove her originality from this story.



  1. I love this book and the series! I'm quite excited to read the last book of the series. I'm following you now! Great review! Please drop by on my blog too