Starcatchers series Book 4 - Peter and the Sword of Mercy

Title : Peter and The Sword of Mercy

Author : Dave Barry , Ridley Pearson 

Pages : 528 pages 

Publisher : Hyperion Book CH (October 13, 2009)

Rating :  5 Stars!!!

                  The Starcatchers series is supposed to be a trilogy, but then after the 3rd book many readers requested for another book that will tell more about the adventures of Peter Pan. That's why the authors come up with another book. Peter and The Sword of Mercy.

It tells firstly about the sword that Charlemagne posessed that will unlock for the great amount of starstuffs. After many years that Molly ended her duty as a Starcatcher, she married George Darling and have three children. Wendy was one of them, and the day she discover all about her mother's adventure from the ship Never Land until their expedition to Rundoon together with the flying boy Peter Pan, she is determined to help her mother to stop the Others together with Lord Ombra (again) in catching the starstuffs.

This is another great creation of the authors that tells about new adventures and past enemies that seeks for revenge. I loved how the authors included Wendy on searching the starstuffs because I imagined that there are so many adventures that Peter and Wendy could have done. Also there will be another sequel on this story, The Bridge to Never Land and I can't wait to read that one!! It will be on sale on Fall this year, i think August 9, but then practically that would be first in the US or Canada. Maybe it will take another month before it will be released here on the Philippines.