Starcatchers series Book 3 - Peter and The Secret of Rundoon

Title : Peter and The Secret of  Rundoon

Author : Dave Barry , Ridley Pearson 

Pages: 496 pages 

Publisher: Disney Editions (October 23, 2007)

Rating : 4 Stars!!!

                 After surviving the threats of Lord Ombra, and successfully completing the Return, Peter and Molly found  themselves with another adventure. Rundoon. The story takes place with shifting side of stories. One part will be on the Rundoon another is on the Never Land. Another one was the comeback of Lord Ombra. It is another great story that the creators have done. Such a great story that i can assure that the readers will have new set of imaginitive things on this one.

Peter will discover another thing/s about the Starstuff, the reasons why they were sent to Rundoon in the first place. From there, Molly and her father will try to save Peter from the groups of Lord Ombra and King Zarboff the Third. A story that will show the readers about the flying camel, flying pirate ship, an enormous snake with a big appettite, a rocket, and many things.

As I read this book, it was another full of adventure that i totally enjoyed. It also includes the Lost Boys of J.M. Barrie, and the moment the authors created another character in them, it was so creative, and well it somehow aligns with the original Peter Pan. I can say that the authors showed their originality and at the same time maintained the uniqueness of the original story. Two great authors i would say indeed!! :D