Starcatcher series Book 2 - Peter and The Shadow Thieves

Title : Peter and The Shadow Thieves

Author : Dave Barry , Ridley Pearson

Pages : 556 pages 

Publisher: Hyperion / Disney Editions (June 27, 2006)

Rating :  4.5 Stars!!!

                   The sequel of Peter and The Starcatchers that tells about living in Never Land, Peter's play around with Captain Hook, travelling to London, discovering the Return, and the Shadow Thieve,Ombra. This story have more action compare to the first book. After they survived the struggles on retrieving the large amount of starstuff, Leonard Aster, Molly's father continues to his next step. The Return. From there, the action thrilling part will start on preventing Leonard Aster for the Return by Ombra.

It has different side of the story...Peter going to London and the Lost Boys surviving the threats of Captain Hook and also Ombra's part on chasing Peter and Molly. For me, the more the adventures, the actions, the more it is fun to read. That's why i totally loved it. The authors clearly narrates the story well, from switching other adventures to another, it was great.

It also includes new characters from the Mollusk Island,which they named Never Land. New characters that makes the story more thrilling and exciting. It was fun reading this book. I totally recommend this to people who are somehow get used to the usual romance things, because this book can take the readers imagination to everywhere and anywhere.