Suzanne's Diary For Nicholas

Title : Suzanne's Diary For Nicholas

Author : James Patterson

Pages : 320 pages

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company (July 16, 2001)

Rating : 5 Stars!!!

            This is one of the great book that is suitable for every mothers. James Patterson totally know how to create a great story that will make readers cry from the start until the end. It will make the reader realize the POV of every woman who is becoming a mother and their infinite love for their children and husband. It also includes the POV of every man that is totally in love to their wife, how every parents were truthfully glad for their children that came to their lives.

The story first tells about Katie a book editor who founds a diary of a woman named Suzanne. Katie discovered that Matt gave it to her after he suddenly disappear on her life. From there, Katie found that the diary belongs to the previous lover of Matt whom she also loves. She was so depressed that Matt didn't leave any message or gave reasons for him to leave her. It was a mystery to her. But after she discovered all about Suzanne, from the day she leavesher job, went to Martha's Vineyard, meeting Matt, and their son Nicholas. She tells all the happiness in life that Katie realized all the things are worthwhile. This book is totally the best!! :D



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