Thirteen Reasons Why

Title : Thirteen Reasons Why

Author : Jay Asher

Publisher: Razorbill (October 18, 2007)

Pages :  304 pages

Rating : 4.5 Stars!!

                Every teenagers have their own different problems. Peer problems. Family problems. Love problems. Some teenager can't endure it anymore that ending the life itself would be a great solution to all the problems. That's what happened to Hannah Baker, a teenager who records a tape that states all the reasons why she committed suicide. All the people behind it,or was included on the tape where being passed to another one that was also included.

When Clay found out that Hannah Baker committed suicide, he was left with full of questions. And addition to that he received a packaged that doesn't include a returning address that shows the recorded tape of Hannah Baker. Clay realizes all the things about Hannah. From Hannah's first love/boyfriend until the day she decided that she will commit suicide.

It was so dreadful, all the events that happened on Hannah. The people that she trusted who betrayed her. The people who humiliates her. Clay wanted to help her, to approach her, and to love her. From every tape, the reader will know different things about life,love,friendship,betrayal,sadness and suicide. I have just read this on ebook file, but then I've really wanted to have a copy of this book. I need to save money to have one. XD

This is the first book that I had read about suicide, that's why it was kind of weird for me. Reading a book about a girl who commited suicide it was so sad. Tragical would be another word. But then I do liked the book.



  1. I agree with your review. It was a bit strange reading about a suicidal girl, but it really had me thinking by the end. :)

  2. Definitely...

    tnks for reading my review..:D