Diary of Beauty

Title : Lindy's Diary
Author : Alex Flinn

I saw the ebook last month,(I think) then I thought "Wow, Linda Owen's diary?!? Seriously!". It was cool to think that Alex Flinn created a point of view of the girl which was forced to be with a total stranger. I mean, I haven't thought that she will do another side of the story. That's why I was so happy.

From the first part of the story, Linda just tells about her Dad,school, and then his crush, well it's Kyle Kingsbury. The boy that was cursed by Kendra to be a beast. The story was somehow fast between her life in school and her Dad. Which is good, coz on my part I really wanted to know the thoughts of Lindy from the start. Hahaha.

As I was reading, it made me think that somehow unconditional love can happen when you desperately need someone to be with you at all times. I've never been in love. Seriously, that's why, most of the books that I read is about love. But this one is different. It seems like when you are in love, you definitely need to be with that person, and when they are not present,it feels like there is something missing in your life. That's what I think when I read it.

Rating : 4 Stars!!!