Mara Dyer Series

Title : The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer
Author : Michelle Hodkin

Last year, I posted a blog on her upcoming novel. I have an ebook copy of it, but luckily, I saw it on our bookstore. National Bookstore. It was great that I've found it, coz some books are not on sale with our bookstore.( e.g. The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter. )Even of its expensive, I still bought it! Haha!

I easily understand the events where Mara finds herself on a hospital where she was the only survivor from the old asylum/building that collapsed. What I mean is that, the way Aimee Carter narrate the events, you can easily imagine how it all started. Oh, and another part that i loved on this...its no other than...NOAH SHAW!! He is definitely cool and gorgeous. But on the middle part of it, I was getting confused on how Jude, Mara's ex-boyfriend survived. I think it was all part of the twist of the story, well I hope that on the second book I can get to know more about what really happened on the incident.