Luis Fuentes

Title : Chain Reaction
Author : Simone Elkeles

And here it comes, the third and last book of the Fuentes' story. Chain Reaction. Well, obviously it's about the youngest Fuentes, Luis. An aspiring astronaut. Flirtatious grin. Great spiky hair. OMG. How did Simone Elkeles do that?!? It was totally great!

The sequel continues on the wedding day of Alex and Brittany, and by the way my imagination works while i was reading it, it's mesmerizing. It was funny how Luis fallen in love with Nikki (the female protagonist). He sees her as an angel. It's romantic!

It sure gives a unique story of the struggles of Luis and Nikki and how they deal with it. I mean, when you really have that painful past like Nikki, and deep family secret you realized like Luis, falling in love and trusting one another could be a hard task. But this story can definitely make readers know that it's all worth the risk. And I totally loved it. It was a great ending indeed!

I hope there would be just some idea that Simone Elkeles could make another story about the son's or daughters of the Fuentes brothers.