Title : Delirium#1
Author : Lauren Oliver

I read this last year, i was just searching for a new book to read and then I saw this title. Delirium. My first thought was, "was that a major sickness?" I read the synopsis and it was so interesting! It is a dystopian story wherein Love is declared as a disease. Intriguing, right?

Who would have thought that in the future, they will have a cure on heartaches? Isn't that great?

As I was reading the book, I come to realize that it's really true that it may be a disease. It clearly gives a distinct evidences of falling in love, and I realized that it slowly controls your mind and heart. Lena has a fierce will and determination to be cured which makes me feel that, maybe its better that way. Because who wanted to be hurt by someone they dearly love? Then Alex came and it all feels like the opposite. Falling in love is wonderful. It will also make you think that it was all worth it. Feeling it. Devouring it. Falling for it. All at the same person, it feels great. I think it all falls on the innocence of the people that makes them feel that love is a disease.