Title : Hana (ebook short story)
Delirium 1.5
Author : Lauren Oliver

I finished reading the short story last week. Though, it was just a short story, it took me a week to finish this since I have tasks to do. *sigh* But on the bright side, I've finished it! *yey!*

It tell about the point of view of Hana, Lena's bestfriend. I've got more ideas of the place wherein the uncureds gather. By the way, I imagine it, it's full of innocent teenagers that doesn't care about anything else except one thing; Freedom. I also feel that I was a reading the story of a girl that is just infatuated by some random guy. Maybe, if falling in love would be a disease, might was well experience it for the sense of curiosity. I also knew that it's not all about the "sparks" and "butterflies in the stomach" that makes you fall in love, it's all plain infatuation.

Since, I've finished reading the short story, I can now proceed to "Pandemonium" woohoo!!