Stealing Phoenix

The second book of the Benedict brothers. When I saw the cover, I just said to myself that "wow, That Phoenix is totally dazzling!" I mean how can anyone will not be attracted on the cover! Oh, and another one, it says "catch a thief and lose your heart'"
Then I was like, "another great book that will make my day so goood!"

It's about Yves. Yves. By the way I imagine it, he is a serious yet crazy guy that all girls can fall head over heels with.

Joss Stirling just made it more fantastic. I mean while I was reading the book, it totally creates another world, like the community of Phoenix. It was all great. Most specially she created a unique way for the soul finder to meet each other. It is my favorite part of the book. How Yves found out that Phoenix is his soul finder. Oh, and Yves is so romantic that I wanted him to come out of the book. Hahaha! Silly me!!

But really I find it very fantastic to learn more about the savants and their new abilities. I would do everything and anything just to be a savant.

Most especially, the action-packed scenes never failed to amaze me. I can totally imagine the Savant Net and Benedict's make or move their ways when I read it. (too much imagination) but yeah, I totally loved it!