Title : Bewitching(Kendra Chronicles#1)
Author : Alex Flinn

She is one of the reasons why I loved to read retelled stories of Fairy Tales. Unique story but still maintain some original part of it. It is totally great. A great imagination.

Kendra is the witch who puts a curse on Kyle in Beastly. Kyle learned his lesson and the outcome was good. But there are some spells that unfortunately don't work well on other people. This is when Kendra tells her story. Being a witch. Helping people. Success. Failures.

She just wanted to make them believe that not all witch are bad. That some of them have good hearts. But really, maybe some spells should not be forced to work. Consequences happens to them.

Then she met Emma, a kind girl who just wanted to be with her Daddy and Mother, but Lissete came and it became a disaster. Alex Flinn clearly told every happiness and bitterness of the two of them.

The story alternates to the life of Kendra and the people she helped and life of Emma and Lissete. And even though it's like that, I can manage to follow what happens about the two stories. I definitely loved the ending! I don't wanted to spoil much further...:))

There are two covers of this...well, mine is this :

I imagine this part was when she met the "Little Mermaid". I'm still sad about that. :((
Another one is this enchanting cover!(look at the gown and castle, WOW!)