The Perks of being a Wallflower

Title: The Perks of being a Wallflower
Author: Stephen Chbosky

Ive seen a lot of this novel all over book websites and some book review blogs, they reckon that this is one of the acclaimed novel that it even made to be a motion picture. So yeah, I think coz of those reasons I've became eager to read this book.

I've finished it today. This is the first time that I've read a novel with a point of view of a 7 going to 16 year old by. It was great reading it, I can say that there are some part that I felt what he felt. I'm not saying I'm a boy! What I'm trying to point is, how Charlie sees everything and their emotions, I understand that easily.

It goes on coping up with every members of the family, having new friends, girls, betrayals, graduation, falling in love, making mistakes ammending it. All in one!!!

I think that with every part of it, readers will surely feel how it was to live around to think and feel every moment while we are alive. I felt that every words Charlie was saying is that, somehow if things doesn't work out; he hopes that eventually we will find our way out and see things more clearly. Like the tunnel.