Seeking Crystal

Title : Seeking Crystal (Benedict #3)
Author : Joss Stirling
Rating : 5 Stars
Paperback, 258 pages
Published October 4th 2012 by Oxford University Press 
ISBN : 0192793519 (ISBN13: 9780192793515)
Sparks will fly . . . Passion will ignite . . .

Crystal Brook has always been the dud Savant in her family; paranormal powers just aren't her thing. Dropping out of school with a clutch of 'E' grades and no future, she lives in the shadow of her high-flying sister Diamond. On a trip to Denver, a chance encounter with the dashing Benedict brothers leaves Diamond head over heels in love and engaged to be married. Crystal, on the other hand, is unimpressed by their charms . . . in fact no boy can annoy her as much as Xav Benedict! Back in Venice, their families assemble for Diamond's wedding and a powerful enemy seizes the opportunity to attack. Crystal and Xav must join forces to save their loved-ones, unlocking a secret that, until now, has lain deeply buried . . 

Source:  Goodreads 

One of the most intensifying and romantic book that I've ever read. Seeking Crystal defies an infinite and inseparable attachment between one's soulfinder. It shows a deep commitment and devotion to your partner or as what people says "significant one", through an endless obstacles and problems. On this third book, I've become more familiar how Savants seems to move forward on their lives whether they have founded their soulfinders or not. Finding a soulfinder is the most perfect and eventful moment of every Savant, its like finding a needle full of haystack. Very rare. The most sensual and romantic part is that Joss Stirling always interprets the emotions of the Benedict brothers in a unique way. It feels like there is something inside of me that I keep on devouring the book, every pages of it. All of them describes a different perspectives about their soulfinders and that what I love the most.

Xavier Benedict has a unique uncanny ability that can drive a mind of every lady to become head-over-heels in love with him. Mind you, its just his looks that I'm referring onto, his wits are the most quirkiest ideas that I've read. He is totally a mind-wrecking guy to read. An impulsive and yet responsible man that shows devotion to his family and soulfinder. I was kind of confused on what Xavier thinks on his would-be-soulfinder at first because he seems to be FREE in all, but as I was on the deep part, I realized he is such a romantic and passionate man. His courage and bravery is what I love the most of the Benedict Brothers, they are all driven into a goal to protect their soulfinders and the world of Savant. That is a tough task to bear but these characters can dutifully done it with all their will.

Crystal on the other hand, on the beginning seems to walk aimlessly on her path. She was oblivious on what is the right path she should lead in and fulfill her dreams its like all of her life was blurred on the right things. But I love her enthusiasm regarding her family. She wanted to help inspite of her undiscovered ability with all of her might. When all members of her family possesses a unique and powerful gifts, Crystal never let her insecurities to befall her instead it drives her to be more competitive and useful for her family. She has a lot of courage and bravery within her soul.

There is something that I desperately wanted to be enlightened by Joss Stirling, how can she create a novel for Trace and Diamond? Will the last book elaborates all of it? I seek for answers on that part after I read this book. Overall, this sequel gives a new meaning of finding and treasuring one's soulfinders in a whole lot thrilling jet-packed story. You'll definitely wanted to discover what it feels to lost and seek a soulfinders.